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Teaching English Using ICT

This is a book to dip into and return to often.... I recommend it highly. Rachel Yarrow, secondary teacher

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Teaching English using ICT

'This is an excellent book for all English teachers, packed full with creative ideas about how to make the most of ICT to produce excellent English lessons.' Professor Andy Goodwyn, Head of Institute of Education, University of Reading.

Chris Warren, Trevor Millum and Tom Rank introduce their new book

At NATE they sometimes call us 'the Three Geeks' - affectionately, we hope. It's because we're interested in ICT - but rest assured it's the wording and wonder not the wiring that interests us.

We each became interested in the ways that technology enhanced the teaching of English many years ago, when a megabyte (let alone a gigabyte) was not even the glint in a co-ordinator's eye.  What appealed to us most was the imaginative potential of the machinery in the hands of inspired teachers and students. And there was no doubt in our minds that students could be inspired, even by a simple BBC Model B churning out a new message every few minutes and setting a whole class off on a day-long adventure - or simply helping them to experiment enjoyably with words.

Nowadays we can have fun with pictures and sound as well, of course. But this doesn't alter our underlying approach: poems are more important than pixels, extending pupils' horizons more important than file extensions, communication more important than clock-speeds.

We continue to be inspired by colleagues at meetings of the National Association for the Teaching of English and teachers in schools who find new ways of exploiting the technology - often, in fact, by subverting it. Who would have thought that 'office' software could make words spring into life, set puzzles, reveal mysteries?

In this book we share some of our discoveries which we think are exciting and motivating and we hope you will too! So if, when someone mentions ICT, you think 'It's all Geek to me', perhaps our book will demystify the subject for you, give you practical ideas to get you started.


Introduction \ 1. Using ICT to Explore and Investigate \ 2. Using ICT to Analyse Language \ 3. Using ICT to Respond, Interpret, Reflect and Evaluate \ 4. Using ICT to Compose and Create \ 5. Using ICT to Transform \ 6. Using ICT to Present and Perform \ 7. Using ICT to Communicate and Collaborate \ 8. Using ICT to Inspire and Engage \ 9. Using ICT to Entertain \ Glossary \ Further Reading and Browsing \ Index

'Down to earth common sense, reaffirming ICT's role as a useful tool to support enjoyable learning - exactly where good English teachers need it to be' Jon Rosser, Senior Learning Adviser, Flintshire Local Authority, UK

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