English and ICT


These are links to some of the organisations we have worked with. If you are looking for more sites that support the teaching of English, please visit the Literary Connections site.

National Association for the Teaching of English
NATE is the UK subject teacher association for all aspects of English from pre-school to university level. NATE has an excellent publications section, a network of local branches and organises high-quality courses and conferences. Useful publications on making the most of ICT include Sharing, not Staring, creative ideas for interactive whiteboards, edited by Trevor Millum and Chris Warren, Twenty Things to do with a Word Processor by Trevor and Chris (for secondary schools), ICT and Literacy by Trevor Millum (for primary teachers) - and a CD-ROM resource for GCSE poetry: Unlocking Poetry.
The Mouse and the Muse
Trevor Millum's site: find out more about the man, his poetry and his work here. The site includes interesting ideas for classroom activities.
Literary Connections
Tom Rank's site: links to many useful English sites and some other resources, particularly for literature teaching.
Other organisations we have worked with include: